NHLA Grading Tool

This is an interactive application for wood grading reflecting the NHLA rules. We are showing a board with defects; your goal is to add cuts to yield the necessary cutting units and achieve the desired grade. If you need some help with the interface, click here to view some tips.

  • expected grade:
  • predicted grade: predicted poor face:
  • board size:
  • measured width:
  • surface measure (SM):
  • min. board size:
  • min. cut size:
  • required cutting units:
  • defect limits:
    defect description value limit valid
    Note: All values from the table are in inches.
  • first lineal rule:
    clear sound unsound valid
    Note: Percentage of clear wood and sound and unsound defects for each of the two first lineal regions. A region is valid if the clear wood is at least 50% and unsound defects are limited to 25% of the area.
id rect. width (in) length (ft) cut units delete

total cutting units: 0

elapsed time: